With a combined 95+ years experience in floristry, we are confident we can meet your needs or design a floral arrangement tailored to your specific request.

We are extremely proud of our team and of the unique skills that each and every member brings to beauKayes florist.

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Kaye van Booma     Florist/Owner
 I have been a florist  for 26 years, always working in busy North Island professional Florist studios. I love all aspects of my career and I love what Nature has to offer us, from beautiful colourful blooms bright and bold to soft and pretty, earthy pods, nuts and berries, flowers and foliage. 


Megan Heeney  Senior Florist

Megan has 35 years experience with floristry.

Megan is a full-time member of beauKayes florist and can help you with any of your floristry requirements.

Having had her own floral Studio, Megan gives great incite into the business and is a constant support. 

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Aleisha Stewart  Intermediate Florist

Aleisha is the newest member of our stellar team.

Being a self confessed "Crazy plant lady" Aleisha brings another important dimension to our studio, indepth knowledge of plants and most importantly, how to keep them alive!

A super talented florist with skills belying her 4 years within the industry, we are very proud to welcome Aleisha to our award winning team.

Emma Heasley  Senior Florist

Emma is another super talented florist to join our amazing team. Having previously owned her own floral studio, Emma brings another wealth of business acumen along with her floristry  skills. Working within the Florist Industry for 18 years.

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Charlotte 2.jpg

Charlotte Birch   Intermediate Florist
Charlotte is the newest member or our amazing little team. Another wonderfully talented florist working permanently part time supporting our very busy studio, a bubble of funto be around and making a big impact to the workload. An awesome addition.

Jennie Arnold  Intermediate Florist

Jennie is our amazing "Girl Friday" (or Saturday as the case may be), along with her burgeoning florist skills Jennie brings her wonderful, warm, bubbly, fun personality to our little business. With a natural eye for colour and innate sense of 'what works' Jennie is a fantastic addition to our team. 

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Ella Parnell   Assistant extrodineer!
Ella is our fun, friendly energetic florists assistant that happily supports our floral team, charging through all 'those' jobs with amazing grace and a cheerful smile (sadly hidden beneath her mask)
A fantastic work ethic and a truely valuable member of our wonderful team.